Hello, my name is Joe Grani. I run the company Grani Lawn and Landscape out of Delaware, Ohio. I started my own business because I love the look and smell of a fresh cut lawn, not to mention having the liberty of being my own boss. Here in Delaware, I noticed a need for quality lawn care and landscaping services. Grani Lawn and Landscaping have always been a dream of mine, and I am making it a reality.



“Danny and Omar Muños have been on the team since April this year. Within eight months they have reached over twenty million people across social media. Some of their highlighted TikToks below should show you how hard and efficient they work on their content game. These two specific TikTok videos reached over 150,000 and 260,000 views respectively. Their Instagram is unmatched in this industry as well. A great mix of landscaping and lawn maintenance allows for their followers to be heavily influenced by an array of products. Since joining their Instagram grew over 10,000 followers! That’s more than 1,400 followers per month. All without a Youtube channel!”

Here is the link to Omar’s TikTok:





These posts are just a glimpse into Landscaping By Omar’s Instagram success. Almost every Reel video Omar’s posted has accumulated well over 10 million views. Also, each of their regular Instagram posts has reached anywhere between 10,000 people to 70,000. These two videos showcase the quality power Landscaping By Omar can bring to any product and or equipment.